Solmate Socks

Solmate Socks, a Certified B Corp™ headquartered in Portland, manufactures lovingly mismatched socks and other accessories. These aren’t just any socks: remnants of production scraps and what would otherwise be textile waste are respun into new yarns, and eventually, a high-quality Solmate product.

Solmate Socks was a growing brand that needed support as they matured beyond their Shopify theme. Basic and bland, it simply wasn’t telling the story behind the company, the product, or their incredible sustainability initiatives. In addition, they were seeking a long-term partner to handle ongoing maintenance.

We've worked with Solmate over time to advance their website into an icon of performance—completely redesigning their homepage, product pages, optimizing for speed, and providing ongoing maintenance. We applied their freshly designed rebranding effort as an incremental update to the site rather surprise their dedicated customer base with an unwanted whole-site retheme.

UX/UI Design, CRO, Development, Maintenance

  • Testimonial

    “Our website was in need of some major TLC... Not only did Monumental help us make these incredible changes ever-so-seamlessly without a hiccup in our user-flow, but also we managed to increase our sales YOY and they’re still climbing. We are so happy with all of the optimizations thus far and can’t wait to see where they take us next!”

    Molly Flores, Marketing Manager

    Solmate Socks 


Our work with Solmate Socks has led to incredible results, and Solmate continues to work with us on both their retail and wholesale websites in our Guide Service program.

  • +76%

    increase in conversions

  • -3%

    reduced homepage bounce rate

  • -21%

    reduced product page exit rate

  • -5.89%

    reduced product page bounce rate

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