About Us

Since 2011, we've helped hundreds of Shopify merchants with their successful launch, customization, integration, or other related needs. But the story doesn't start there...

Journey back with us to The Year 2000, when our founder, Rob Alan, stumbled into website design and development in a college intro "telecommunications" course. He immediately fell in love with design, and the code underpinning the web. He set out to create custom websites for his friends, bands, and his friends' bands. Rob spent the next ten years leading creative and development teams in public and private sectors. He became an early adopter of web standards, as well as user-centric and atomic design principles.

During his time freelancing with agencies in Portland, Rob took note of the ultimate game of telephone taking place. Communication was passing from a client to an account manager, through the project manager, and then finally reaching the design or development team, and back again. It was a problem, born of more traditional media agencies trying desperately to keep pace with digital natives. He thought he could do better. And a big idea took shape.

A side gig turned full-time. Word spread from one happy client to another. Our work in ecommerce became predominant, and Shopify the only logical platform choice.

Our name is a nod to the gigantic and unstoppable forces of nature. The dormant volcanoes and ancient forests that have stood through calm and storm; the flatlands carved by ice, and cliff sides by rushing water. It's less about who we are, and more about how we see you: as unstoppable. A force of nature. As monumental.

With decades of combined experience, Monumental's leadership team has helped hundreds of clients with their successful launch, customization, integration, or other Shopify-related needs. When we need more heads or hands on a project, we have specific, strategic, and trusted contract partners that we work with. We never outsource development.

Rob Alan

Founder & CEO

Rob started creating for the web when tables dominated HTML and Flash was all the rage. He has spent over 20 years delivering strategy, design, and development for agencies and businesses alike, of all types and sizes.

Rob is OG when it comes to Shopify, having been sought out to join the Shopify Partner Program back in 2011. His expertise doesn’t end with Shopify, and forms the foundation for Monumental’s work. These days, his role includes UX/UI design, new business and accounts, and other general administrative ongoings at Monumental.

He enjoys the great outdoors, has a love/hate relationship with home-remodeling projects, and wants all the juicy, hazy IPAs.

Elizabeth Newell, J.D. ("Birdie")

Project Manager

Elizabeth has been managing people, projects and processes across a variety of industries for most of her career. In her decade working in corporate law, she became an expert on advising companies on a wide range of general business matters, including startup issues, governance, finance, and commercial contracting. Her attention to detail and quick mastery of operations led to time representing some of Portland’s largest companies — including NIKE, PGE, and Banfield Pet Hospital — while also playing a major role in the evolution of the Portland-based explosion of small craft businesses that contributed to the now multi-billion dollar handmade industry.

Elizabeth is a life-long seeker and learner who loves untying knots, both literal and figurative. She’s currently enjoying quarantine home dance parties for two with the love of her life and watching British competitive reality television with her teenage son.

Dan Sack

Senior Shopify Developer

Dan has built Shopify themes and apps for the past six years. He enjoys watching Shopify continually release new features and enhance its platform for developers and merchants. Dan’s always excited to explore these new features and technologies.

Before he worked in web development, Dan taught in Colorado and internationally for five years. He’s passionate about continually learning and helping others on his team and in the Shopify community. To him, a successful project happens when everyone involved is collaborating, sharing opinions, and open to the many possible solutions.

Dan enjoys the time he spends coding and researching tech but is also happy when away from the screen. You can find him outside on runs, biking on nearby trails, or finding new hikes to explore.

Marina Shemchuk

Senior Strategist

Marina has been working in ecommerce for over 10 years. After studying psychology and digital art in college, she pivoted to ecommerce and helped catapult a fashion brand, as their in-house ecommerce manager. In the past five years, she has worked at some of the world's most renowned Shopify and Shopify Plus Partner agencies in Senior and Director of Strategy roles, honing her skills helping to start and scale DTC brands.

Some past clients include Magic Spoon, Native, Moscot, Equal Exchange, Lunya, Samuel Hubbard, Lifetime Brands, Shiko Beauty, and many others—in other words, she's well versed in creating online experiences that are both beautiful and conversion-focused.

Rescuing animals is one of Marina's biggest passions and missions in life. When she's not working, she can be found volunteering at her local animal shelters, providing food and building shelters for stray cats in Pennsylvania.

We're a fully remote company and distributed across the US and abroad, with roots in Portland, Oregon, California, Colorado, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.